StoreDot’s pledge: 100 miles in 2-minute charge

An Israeli startup says that by 2032, it will have batteries ready for mass production that can give an electric vehicle 100 miles of range in just two minutes of charging.

StoreDot released the target this month as part of a road map outlining how the company expects its fast-charging battery tech to evolve over the next decade.

In a March 2 news release, StoreDot said it was “firmly on track” to mass-produce fast-charging lithium ion battery cells in 2024 that can generate 100 miles of range on five minutes of charging. Likewise, it said it was in “advanced stages” of developing semi-solid-state technology that could bring charging times for that range down to three minutes by 2028.

“Our ultimate goal, though, and one that is absolutely in our grasp, is to produce cells that will revolutionize charging times, achieving 100 miles of range in only two minutes,” StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf said in a statement. “This breakthrough performance that was once considered impossible [will be] achievable with StoreDot’s technology in just 10 years from now.”

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