Large alligator spotted strolling through Cinco Ranch neighborhood

Deputies said that while the gator hasn’t approached anyone it also doesn’t want to leave the area.

CINCO RANCH, Texas — Neighbors in Cinco Ranch had an unexpected guest strolling the area Monday morning after a large alligator was spotted near the street.

Deputy constables with Fort Bend County Precinct 1 said they were called out to the Grand Lakes area around 8 a.m. as residents reported the gator walking around.

The gator, which they estimate to be about 11 or 12 feet long, hasn’t approached anyone walking around, but deputies said it also doesn’t want to leave the neighborhood.

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Deputies said they tried scaring the gator back into the bayou but that it wouldn’t budge, so they plan on getting a trapper next.

Deputies want to remind everyone that if you see a gator out and about to give them space and respect, but also not to feed them since that makes them less afraid of humans.

It’s not the first incident where an alligator decided to explore more of Houston this year.

In July, a home in northeast Harris County had a young alligator walk up to their door before Precinct 4 could capture and release it.

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Back in May, another young alligator was spotted in the yard of a home near George Bush Park.

Harris County deputy constables lured the reptile into a trash bin by feeding it chicken. They then took it to a park near Barker Reservoir and released it.

Neighbors said it was the first time they actually saw an alligator in the neighborhood, but heard reports of them popping up.

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