Woman discovers live frog in sealed lettuce container in London, Ont., grocery store | CBC News

Chantel Scott, 26, was on the phone with her mom when she spotted a frog inside a sealed lettuce container at the Sobeys on Adelaide in North London, Ont., on Saturday.

“It was directly at my eye level and I’m like, ‘What the heck? Is that a sticker?'” said Scott. 

Scott assumed the frog was dead when she started recording a video, but when she picked up the Sobeys-brand container, she saw the frog move.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s still alive.'”

Scott continued recording and about 20 minutes later, she posted a video to Tik Tok. It’s since been viewed thousands of times.

The frog was moving slowly, said Scott. “I think he was a little stunned.”

At least he had food with him, she said.

Frog now safe

Scott brought the container over to one of the cashiers and said, “‘There’s literally a frog in the salad. Can I go take him out?’ And she just took it out of my hands right away,” recalled Scott.

Model Chantel Scott says she only realized the frog was alive when she picked up the container. (Chantel Scott/Instagram)

CBC News contacted the Sobeys store, manager Chris Boufford. He said he’d have to defer any questions to the company’s head office. CBC News has put in that request and has so far not heard back.

When pressed, Boufford said the frog was now safe.

“The employee I gave it to actually saw the video and commented that the manager said he kept it in a terrarium he had at home,” said Scott.

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